Unexpected winter surprise

Everything started at the beginning of winter almost two years ago; I decided to change my life. I wanted to meet my future bride and to have children. Now I understand that it was the best choice in my entire life. As I had serious plans, I decided to review some comments before the registration on any resource. So, I read lots of recommendations, review and even love stories. Judging on all the info that I received, I signed up on two websites and began communication.

With time, I decided to leave my profile only on findbridecomments. Of course, there were some explanations to this, but it would be really long story if I explain everything I do. So, if you are still reading my story, I would like to notify you that all the women on the site are from Russia and Ukraine. It wasn’t a trouble for me, but there are some people that don’t like distance relations.

During lonely winter evening, I had lots of free time. I scrolled a list of pretty women and saw Tania. To be honest, I didn’t understand what impressed me so much. She had usual photos, like all the other users, but her eyes were so deep and thoughtful. I experienced a strong desire to contact this woman. She didn’t answer immediately, it occurred only after a day or two. So, we communicated for several months and everything leaded to a real meeting.

Tania was planning a weekend with her sister in the mountains. She was crazy about skiing and all kind of other winter sports. So, I found out everything about their trip, she told me about the location, their plans, time of the arrival and more. I booked a room in the same hotel and waited for her arrival. Of course, Tania saw my photos and we chatted via video connection, but we had never met in reality. That’s why, when she saw me in the hostel’s restaurant, she paid attention, but nothing more. When I sat down at her table, she was surprised and even shocked in a positive way.

All three of us spent a fantastic weekend together, her sister was also very helpful. It was something like a usual family trip with really close people. A perfect atmosphere of understanding and support was in the air. After our meeting, I returned home and kept thinking about this gorgeous woman.

A month later, she invited me to Kyiv and I agreed. Our story turned into reality. One virtual message can change your life immensely. Now I know this sort of thing. I met Tania and now we are living together. What can be better than this? I fell in love and don’t want to hide my feeling from the others. Tania feels the same and we are the happiest people.

To cut a long story short, I am so grateful for such an opportunity to meet my beloved person online. So, if you are alone in this world, you have all the opportunities you need. Don’t waste any minute of such pressures time, try to be a little bit more active and you will get everything you are looking for. Everybody deserves happiness and let’s start creating it right now, because only you can make your life meaningful.