My Russian bride that I have met online!

My bride is against any kind of publicity and sharing of the intimate stories. That’s why, we had found a compromise, I would not mention our names and some too personal stories that can be provocative for us in any way.

So, as understandable from the title, we’ve met online on a website that is called It seemed to me that we started to communicate in winter prior New Year. Two lonely people tried to find love in this lovely world of sorrow and misunderstandings. When I received her first message, I immediately found something in common between two such different people from different countries and with different live priorities. It was something on emotional level and until this moment, I could not explain it.

We communicated for a short period and I decided to initiate our meeting. It was such a spontaneous decision for both of us and I didn’t expected to meet ideal partner. I was too pessimistic, because I wasn’t planning to meet my love right away. Maybe due to this fact, I asked for a real meeting so early. I didn’t want to waste my time on useless chats and if she wasn’t my type I was already planning another date with another woman.

Despite all my pessimism, our meeting was almost ideal. I met the same woman with whom I chatted online, she didn’t pretend to be another person and I was so delighted with this fact.

After such a cool dating experience, I did the worst thing in my entire life. I thought that if the first date was such fantastic meeting for me the next experience could be even better. So, I started chatting with other girls and had lots of other dates. I rarely answered the messages of my beloved because I was too busy with other beauties and she stopped writing.

I understood how I was wrong only after a month of constant dates, when I met beauties but felt nothing towards them. Then I contacted my love and she didn’t reply. She rejected all my attempts and I was almost in a depression.

This story may be endless about all my attempts, flight to Ukraine without her knowing this and all the presents that I sent.

The conclusion that you can take from this is to appreciate what you have and never ever search for something better if you have a sincere partner nearby. Our story of online acquaintance ended rather successfully. We had a romantic honeymoon in Bali and now we are the happiest couple on the whole world.