Online acquaintance is the quickest way to find your love!

Nowadays, there are so many opportunities to find your love just by clicking your computer. The process of acquaintance is so much easier and quicker than it was earlier. You just take your favorite gadget and enjoy the comfort of communication. In such a way, you may meet several women at a time and draw their attention.

My story started with spontaneous registration on a dating platform. I signed up on And started exploring this awesome resource, I scrolled ladies’ profiles, watched their photos and short introductory clips. I was just amazed with such a huge variability of pretty girls and their sincerity in the search process for the love and relations. Most of registered girls are from Russia and Ukraine. They are checked prior the signing up on the seriousness of their intentions and their real marital status. That’s why, you can be sure that every lady who you are chatting with is a real person. This fact drew my attentions and because of it, I decided to use this dating platform.

My story started with a communication with several pretty girls at a time. I couldn’t concentrate on one girl and was interacting with three or even more. This stage of communication was almost a year I chatted with pretty women, but couldn’t find my type. Then I met my beloved person and for the next couple of months I interacted only with her. Oksana immediately attracted me. She was so tender, elegant and kind. She wanted to know everything about me, my background and lots of more. Our communication was not a standard one, it was more like an emotional communication between two close people.

After a year of all these constant chats, I decided not to waste my time any longer. So, I asked Oksana for a date immediately when I understood that she was my type. She wasn’t ready for such a quick development of our relations, but agreed.

Our first meeting was okay, but it seemed to me that she didn’t like me. Something was really intense in the air, she didn’t want to share some facts during our date and was rather reserved. When I asked her for one more date, she didn’t reply me. I was really offended, because I almost fell in love with this person, had lots of plans with her. I texted her one more time, but didn’t get a message. I thought it was the end of the story and I shouldn’t wait for anything.

However, a week later, my love contacted me and explained everything. She had an illness and needed a surgery. That’s why, she was so reserved, but she didn’t want to shock me with such kind of information.

After her recovery, I returned to Ukraine and we had the best romantic date ever. Everything was perfect. She was in a charming long dress in a good mood. And I was so madly in love and felt the same in return.

Now we are at the stage of planning our relations. We are choosing a country where we would live together and solve some working troubles. Hope everything will be perfect. We don’t want to get married, however we cannot live without each other any longer.