Love at the first sight is possible if it occurred with me

Sometimes life gives us different opportunities and we shouldn’t just waste them, it is better to use every chance. I want to share one of such situation with everybody, I met my workmate and he told me about a fantastic website. He described me all the benefits of and that his friend had met wife there. After this conversation, I decided to follow his example and try luck on this resource.

I was not a big fan of online acquaintances, I mainly thought that it was a waste of time and money. Nevertheless, I signed up my account on this dating website and was reviewing the profiles of some ladies. I didn’t have some criteria for a girlfriend I just wanted a reliable life partner.

I communicated with several women on this dating website prior I met Olia. These users where really friendly and talkative, but not my type of women. I found Olia’s profile accidently, I was simply reviewing some profiles and found her. She impressed me with her awesome intro video and pretty photos. I had hesitations, because such a beautiful lady may not answer my message. I had never dated such pretty girls, but I started our communication and she replied. Our first chat was so long, I wanted to know everything about Olia and she wanted the same. We communicated for almost five hours and I liked her immediately. Her messages were thoughtful and at the same time funny. We became close friends after a week of constant communications. Of course, sometimes it was hard to contact because of the huge time difference between our countries. No matter what, we tried to spend several hours a day together, just discussing our day troubles or something else.

Then I decided to meet Olia and at last to make up my mind if we should continue our communication or stop at that point. Personally, I think that online chatting may be a total waste of time, and virtual communication may differ greatly from reality. So, I flew to Ukraine and met Olia.

I liked this woman from the first sight; she was so pretty like in her photos. We had a fantastic evening together with all these romantic hugs and unforgettable emotions. We were like a real couple, we knew lots of about each other, understood some reactions and just felt comfortable together. At that moment, we realized that couldn’t live without each other. We immediately started discussing our further steps and how to plan everything with such a huge distance between us. Frankly speaking, it isn’t an easy task, though we can cope with it.

As for our relationship at this stage, Olia is dealing with all the difficulties relating to visa and we are planning her arrival.

If giving a short summary of this dating resource, I can say that I am rather delighted with my experience there. I didn’t notice any serious troubles which could bother me and I am definitely recommending it to all the guys who are searching for meaningful and long-term relations. It is definitely a place, where you can find your life partner.