Such an emotional date with my beloved

I heard lots of stories when people meet their love online, but I never thought that such thing can happen with me. Because of a huge impact of advertisement, I made up my mind and signed up on findbridecomments. I didn’t have any strong believes about the success of this project, though I decided to try. I created my profile, uploaded some photos and start sending messages.

I chatted with several ladies but unsuccessfully, we didn’t find any common interests and stopped our communication. So, I used this dating platform for 2 months, but I was only reviewing other profiles and didn’t chat with the users.

And one day, a pretty woman contacted me. I felt rather suspicious, due to the fact that such a beautiful girl contacted me without no evident reason. We communicated for couple of days and I had changed my mind towards this beauty completely. Of course, she was pretty, but except of this so kind, attentive and clever.

While chatting with Tania I always waited for another unpredictable step from her, she didn’t disappear, we communicated almost every day, no provocation from her side. We became such close friends that I had never expected to be, especially with the online user. We share everything, discussed every little problem that we experienced in life. At some point of our communication, I’ve understood that couldn’t live without her. She was like insuperable part of my life, I changed my attitude towards the important things in life. This all was due to my love and our inner understanding of each other.

During our further online communication, I’ve understood that we should better begin another level of our relations or stay at the same friendship zone for a long time period. And I made her a surprise. I flew to Ukraine and only then asked her to spend a wonderful evening together. Her reaction was unpredictable, she thought I was joking and refused me. However, when I mentioned that I was in Kyiv and really want to meet her; she agreed.

When Tania saw me she was crying, could you imagine that a lady was crying and you didn’t understand a reason. Such emotional women usually bothered me, but that was not our case. My beloved girl said that she imagined a perfect date, but couldn’t stop crying because of the unexpectedness of the moment. We spend the most unforgettable evening together and the following day was even better.

I flew to Ukraine several times since that first date and now she is preparing all the necessary documents for her move.

So, life can be really unpredictable and you never know what to expect from it. One day you maybe a lonely person with no live plans and expectations and the other you may be the most purposeful person. Some people find their aim by themselves, though I needed love for my personal motivation. And I have found this purpose only due to this dating platform.

If you have relationship problems you should definitely try online dating resource and find your motivation to change life for the better.